• UK CAA Permission for Commercial Operation (PfCO)

    We have been approved by the Civil Air Authority to fly a SUSA for work.

  • 20 Meter Operating Safety Case (UK CAA OSC)

    We are one of the few operators in the UK who have been approved by the UK CAA to have a Operating Safety Case (OSC) 20 meter permission.

    This ability means we can fly within or close to congested areas much easier than operators with a standard 50 meter permission.

  • Night Flying Capability

    We are approved by the UK CAA for operating at night time on both our standard 50 PfCO and our 20 meter Operating Safety Case permission.

  • State-of-the-art commercial SUSA

    Our commercial SUSA (Small Unmanned Surveillance Vehicle) is a state of the art Yuneec Tornado H920.  It is sub-7kg and can carry a Digital SLR camera as its payload.

  • Retractable landing gear

    Retractable landing enables us to pan 360 degrees with the camera gimbal for an unobstructed view.

  • Assorted payloads

    Our payloads are interchangeable, enabling us to carry different equipment, depending upon our clients’ needs and mission objectives.

  • Multiple Batteries

    Our aircraft can accommodate up to 3 batteries to extend flight times.

  • Sub-7kg for UK work

    Our SUSA is sub-7kg and we have an Operating Safety Case from the UK Civil Aviation Authority that allows us to fly with a reduced 20 meter cordon (10 meters for take off and landing).

    Standard operators without an Operating Safety Case will be limited to flying within 50 metres of any congested area.  Heavier aircraft may be restricted to 150 metres unless the operator has a special licence.  Under CAA regulations a sub-7kg SUSA can be flown in class D air space (Air Traffic Controlled) without permission from the aerodrome ATC.  A heavier aircraft must seek permission before flying. All aircraft must seek permission for flying within a Military Air Traffic Zone (MATZ).

  • Sub-5kg for European work

    Our SUSA can be flown with 2 batteries, bringing it into the more stringent sub-5kg category requirement in some European countries.

  • Optical Zoom lens

    Our optical zoom lens gives added creativity and enables us to look at subjects in more detail from the air.

  • RUSTA Trained crew

    Our pilot has undergone a NQE full category training course, run by RUSTA, to learn all aspects of operating a SUSA in a safe and responsible manner.  We impressed our tutors so much that we have been endorsed by RUSTA as a ‘Trained and Trusted Operator’.

  • Global access

    No matter where you need us to film in the world, we will travel there.

  • Affordable price

    We offer our services at a sensible, competitive price.