What price do you put on safety?

We are one of the safest drone operators in the UK. As such we have been awarded a 20 meter Operating Safety case from the UK Civil Aviation Authority. We have had to meet stringent demands in order to achieve this and only a handful of operators have been able to obtain a reduced operating cordon to this level.

  • UK CAA 20 Meter Operating Safety Case

    We have proven our ability to fly safely to the UK CAA and have permission to fly within 20 meters of persons, property and structures outside of our control.

  • 2 Man Flight Crew

    We will only operate with a 2 man team when using our Operating Safety Case to allow us to concentrate on getting the best shots whilst ensuring a safe flight.

  • Battery Redundancy

    Our SUSA flies with up to 3 batteries, extending flight times and adding an all important additional safety feature in the event of a battery failure.  If a battery does fail, our drone will continue to fly.

  • Motor redundancy

    Our SUAV has 6 motors and will continue to fly in full control with 5.  This safety feature means it will not spiral out of control or fall out of the sky if a motor was to fail.

  • Braked rotors

    Our rotors have brakes for a quicker and safer shutdown procedure.

  • We can fly in the rain

    Our SUAV is capable of flying in light rain.  We would never choose to fly in the rain as water will inevitably get onto the camera lens, but this ability gives additional safety to any mission where the weather may prove unpredictable.

  • Sub-7kg

    Our SUAV is sub-7kg.  The lighter the aircraft, the less damage it is likely to do in the event of an accident.

  • Optical Zoom lens

    Our optical zoom lens means we don’t always need to get as close to our subject as other operators, increasing our margin of safety.

  • Operations Manual

    Our Operations Manual promotes safety and has been produced in-house by our own pilot.


    Due to our high safety standards, we have been endorsed by RUSTA as a ‘Trained and Trusted Operator’.

  • Insurance

    Our public liability insurance covers us for up to £5,000,000.